Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thing you need to know before you self-publish

Having self-published five books, four with my own publishing company and one with a commercial self-publisher, I've learned a lot and I'm passing it along to you to save you time and money.

As my printer says, I'm a wordy woman. I like to write, and the longer the piece the better. To me, writing generally means novels, multi-generational, multi- continent family sagas. Right now I'm about half-way through Book 3 of The Curtis Family Chronicles, Autumn's Road. Book 1 is Ida's Road and Book 2 is Fortune's Road, both printed and ready to sell at my email, I also have a couple of shorter books, and a book of poetry by another author. That is the beauty of having your own company - when you find something good by another writer, you can publish it ( as long as that author agrees, of course.). It feels good. I have a website, too, but it needs a little revamping. I'll let you know when it's current.

So, how come I have these books ready to go ? I'm not an advertisement for the do-it-yourself system (or maybe I am) but I'll start my next entry by telling you how I did it and why it worked for me. Meanwhile, I have to leave the computer and let the dogs out (my writing companions) or there will be rebellion in the house.